When I first heard this term it, was like a light bulb going off, all over my being. Of course, the creative comes from the unconscious….


For those who aren’t plugged into what the unconscious is, there is so many books and literature out there that goes into it in great depth. Try Jung, he’s the master. 


Briefly, it’s that which we can’t see, that which we don’t know about…


And a quick dictionary definition for you:


Noun: the part of the mind which is inaccessible to the conscious mind but which affects behavior


It’s like an iceberg. On the surface you only see the tip of the berg, which is our consciousness. Underneath the water there’s a whole other dimension that’s keeping the tip afloat, cue the unconscious. It’s where the creative unconscious lives. 


So when I first found out about this term, it made so much sense. 


Let me explain. My process with poetry has been one mighty lightning bolt from the unconscious. I never learnt how to be a poet. I never studied writing. I never aspired to be a poet. Poetry is something that has happened to me…..


I’ve heard its a similar process for a lot of amazingly brilliant poets…


My experience, is that the poem will creep up on me. It will come knocking at my door, and linger there for a while, waiting for me to open up. In order for the poem to become manifest, I need to open the door (to the creative unconscious). I need to stop everything I’m doing, find a pen or come sit at my computer and write (the creative unconscious doesn’t stick around, it will go to the next door if you leave them waiting for too long).


When this happens, I feel like I’m receiving a divine shower. I go into an altered state of consciousness. I don’t know what I’m writing. It just pours through me. When it’s done, I’m done.  It’s then I get to sit back and se whats happened. I read it and think to myself “Bloody hell, did I just write that!”….


I’ve never written a poem where I’ve gone, ok, now I’m going to write a poem about…so and so. When I’ve tried to do that, it’s landed flat and hasn’t got finished. It’s literally thad no juice…..


This process to me is really mysterious….how does this happen? I’m going about my day and then suddenly, boom, a poem has descended from the holy divine and there I am, with it in front of me…


It’s the mighty working of the creative unconscious. 


People tell me I should teach poetry but really, I can’t teach poetry. What I can teach is how to open to the creative unconscious….


And, by the way, tapping into the creative unconscious is not just for poet. It’s for everyone, even if you don’t think you’re a creative, its just because you haven’t tapped into the creative unconscious. But don’t worry, you too have a inner genius…..


I used to project all of my unrealized potential onto artists. I used to be like wow, they are so holy. And the truth is they are. They are all amazingly, brilliant because they have opened themselves to the holy creative life force. Now that I am one of those amazing artists, I don’t feel any different, I still have my stuff going on, I’ve just found a way to channel to the creative unconscious and that my people, is genius and divine.  


We are all creatives. We all came to this life to birth our gifts. For me one of the ways I get to deliver my gifts is through poetry. For others it might be discovering a new way to fix an engine on a car. Ways of doing things, new ways of doing things, come from the creative unconscious and it’s there that we birth creation. 


I’m speaking a lot at the moment in my writing about our current state of worldly affairs. I feel tapping into the creative unconscious is a really important gift and skill to hone in times like these. 


As our culture begins to crumble, we are going to need to discover new ways of doing things. And its going to be up to each of us to make our contribution. There is going to be no big daddy government that is going to give us the unfolding of our reality. If we want to live any life worth living we’re going to have to do it ourselves. Yes, you guessed it, cue the creative unconscious. 


So, I am putting together 5 ways to tap into the creative unconscious so that you can unleash your wildly creative genius self, in service of the life that you want to lead. 


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As well as being a 'poetic revolutionary' I'm also a trained Gestalt Psychotherapist, Shamanic Practitioner and a Nature Based Soul Guide (currently in apprenticeship with Animas Valley Institute). I have also worked extensively with Social Alchemy in reclaiming the Deep Feminine.


I bring to the table years of trainings and the knowledge of my lived experience. I know this journey, because I've lived it in my bones. 


With a foot in both worlds, I will serve you as a deep seer and midwife to the awakening essence of your wild Feminine Soul.


With 13 years experience in the field of personal and cultural transformation, I am by nature a deep catalyst for alchemy and transformation. I will go with you to the depths and guide you in turning lead to gold. Its my divine service and passion to facilitate the journey of awakening to our fullest potential. 


Image by: Alberto Vargas

Image by: Alberto Vargas

"Those who restrain Desire, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained; and the restrainer or Reason usurps its place and governs the unwilling. 

And being restrained, it by degrees becomes passive, till it is only the shadow of Desire. 

The pride of the peacock is the glory of God.  
The lust of the goat is the bounty of God.  
The wrath of the lion is the wisdom of God.  
The nakedness of woman is the work of God.

Sooner murder an infant in its cradle than nurse unacted desires."

- William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell