The Winter Alchemy Mentorship Program is a call into the darkness. It's a call in the feminine terrain of Soul. The place of our deepest vulnerability and our inherent power. Most of us spend our whole lives avoiding or in fear of what lies underneath the surface, without realizing that our creative magic and deepest mystery, lies in the fertile terrain of the dark. 


There we'll find treasures that have perhaps been waiting life times for you to unearth.

The Winter Alchemy Mentorship Program is a journey inwards. A turning towards the realm of your unconscious to enact the deep alchemical work of your Soul.   


We'll bring into consciousness the gifts of the unseen. We'll do the deep alchemical work of transformation by tending to the gifts of your shadow. 


The winter time is a powerful ally for our own inner alchemy. It's the time to do the deep inner work. How we navigate the dark time, will shape the year ahead.


The Dark Feminine is our escort, our guide into the depths.

By conversing with her we unleash a magic and become the authors of our own artistry. When we unleash the creative powers of our wildest nature, we walk the path of our destiny.

Together we will tend to:

Dream Work - Waking and Night dreams - listening to the Soul speak

Wholing - look at the ways you feel stuck and what might be holding you back

Shadow Work - tending to the dark part of our psyche as resources for our Soul Journey

Alchemical Magic - working with the energies of Psyche and Soul for Inner Transformation

Soul Elixirs - ceremonies that will deepen your conversation with the Mystery of your Soul

Body Speak - listening to the depths of your feeling and imaginal realms - the place of your Soul

What you'll get:

9 private mentorship calls - 1 hr duration - spread over three months (Jan-March)

Designed to meet you where you're at and what it is your Soul is calling you into - relationship, soul work, your calling, letting go of past etc. 

Email support and ongoing invitations that will weave a deep container for this journey 

I bring to the table 15 years of study in the area of Soul and Psyche. I've trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Shamanic Practice, as Deep Feminine Facilitator and Nature Based Underworld Soul Guide. I've also walked the path with my two bare feet. Along side the depths of my trainings, I carry the journey deeply in my bones. 

Having a mentor is a valuable resource. Someone who can guide you in the dark, lead you through times of transformation, have your back as you step out in the world as your most authentic Self, is a priceless gift. It's a gift for your Soul. 

If you feel called to do the deep alchemical work of Soul this winter then I'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to book your FREE 15 min session to discuss the possibility of working together:

Dream dark and deep wild one.