The blood tales



 "Re-mystifying the most misunderstood phenomena of a woman's body by telling the true tales about our Blood."

US Summer Tour 2017


11th - Flight Deck - OAKLAND, CA. -  Buy Tickets - RSVP

16th - Centre Stage - SANTA CRUZ, CA. - Buy Tickets - RSVP

17th - Un-scripted Theater - SAN FRANCISCO, CA. - Buy Tickets - RSVP


Directed by: Merrill Gulver

Produced by: Nikki Meñez

Benefitting: Simply The Basics

Post Performance Live Music: Lucia Lilikoi - 11th

"I LOVED your "Blood Tales" spoken word performance in Bristol. One of the most meaningful and stimulating poetry shows I've ever ever experienced" 

Kali Martin, Bristol, UK.

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