The Temple is an idea born from the Mystery. It came to me one evening as I bathed in the thermal waters in the middle of Barcelona. The TEMPLE is the feminine principle in action. Let me explain...

I had just moved back to Barcelona and was looking for a place to live. In the mists of a difficult housing situation here in the city, a window opened. By the act of grace I was offered a place I couldn't refuse but it was way out of my price range, so I was in a tension. That night I went to the bath's with this internal tension. I really want the flat and how am I going pay for it...

As I surrendered into the waters, I was gifted a vision. The instruction was clear. CREATE A TEMPLE.

I spent a fair few days going around in circles, phoning my friends, pulling tarot cards, burying my head under the pillow. Naturally all of my fears around whether I can actually hold this down, were up! And everything, I mean everything, was pointing me towards saying YES to this mission.

So, I did. I said YES. And thus The TEMPLE is born. 

The interesting twist of this tale, is that the apartment is located on the well renowned street of the sex workers. The TEMPLE feels like a calling much bigger than me and this flat. 

The TEMPLE is an experiment. It came through the dreamtime. It emerged the feminine way. May the way be revealed. 


The TEMPLE is a space for women to drop into the essence of their feminine nature.

The TEMPLE is for women who want to remember the magic and mystery stored in their bodies. 

The TEMPLE is a place to drop in the depths of our existence and access the deep erotic dreaming. 

After years of delving into my own feminine initiatory process, I bring many moons of my lived experience, professional trainings and the depths of my soul calling to create this space for women. 


Temple Dance based in the tantric tradition

One to one sessions for women to go deep and reawaken their feminine nature. 

Day workshops for us to reclaim the whole woman.