The retreat will be focusing on cultivate the fierce feminine, the fire we need to really stand in the fullness of our love. This is a step away from the cultures teaching of a fairy tale love, one that perpetuates the princess paradigm and the disempowered feminine. If we want to stand in the love of our mature feminine then we need our fire.

We'll be weaving three of my deepest passions into one basket, feminine initiation, nature immersion and ceremonial theatre to guide you into the journey of reclaiming the fullness of your wild feminine

The dates are 30th Aug - 3rd Sep

We'll gather in Barcelona on 30th and travel to the Montseny Nature reserve where we'll be housed by the forest and a Mongolian yurt.

Sleeping options will be in the yurt or you can bring your own tent or hammock if you'd like something more private.

All three meals will be provided for us by the hosts, organic and local food. On the 3rd, we'll travel back to Barcelona together.

For more info or to see if this program is right for you, please contact me via the contact page.