create Feminine Infused art that's change making, culture shaking. 

In the depths of your intimate inner world, there is a pool of magic that whispers the song of your Wild Feminine Nature.

Can you hear her?

The Wild Feminine holds many resources for us as women. Our creativity is one of her gifts to us.

When we tap into our creativity, we tap into our source as woman and free ourselves from the conditioning we've inherited from a system thats tried to control our very nature. 


In the process of making feminine-infused art, we go beyond the internal boundaries of who we think we are and discover the vastness of who we came here to be.



Weaving Feminine Awakening, Conversation with Soul & Performance Art into one juicy basket of Love.


In a world devoid of the feminine, it's about time she took her place. On the stage. 

Let's face it, the mainstream art industry is doing a huge dis-service to who we are as women. This then trickles out into our self-concept, our relationships and how we relate to the world.

Alas, there is so much stirring in the underground. The Sacred Feminine is longing to be seen and heard in her full vibrant expression. She wants to make her presence known... 

Star is a ceremonial container for your to bring forth the wild feminine wisdom stored within and make beauty in the from of art. It's a experiential journey into the depths of you are as woman.



Who's it for?

For the women who want to push their own edges. For the wild ones (and the tamed ones who long to break free). It's for the change makers and the trouble makers. For the ones who want to make an impact by way of being. For the ones who have something they want to say (or for the ones whole ing to find their voice). 

It's for the poetic revolutionaries

(NB: you don't have to write poetry)  


(Closes on 26th May)


(Subject to change at any point of the Creative Process)

We’ll take the Underworld Journey as our map and like true Heroine’s we’ll descend in to the terrain of rich inner darkness to retrieve the magic and mystery that awaits. 

We’ll embark on this journey, with no guarantees that we’re gong to come back with anything but with a huge willingness to see, and perhaps be changed in the process and with a prayer to offer change in the making. 


  • LESSON #1 - PREPARING FOR THE JOURNEY - Whol-ing and Self Healing, looking at the patterns that want to keep you small or silenced…..


  • LESSON #2 - SURRENDERING TO THE STORY - telling yourself the true stories, authenticity and vulnerability..


  • LESSON #3 - BEING INFUSED BY THE MYSTERY - listening to the liminal - deep listening - deep imagination - deep feeling - shadow, core wound - vulnerability


  • LESSON #4 - GATHERING THE GOLD - weaving together the tapestry of our soul as your offering - listing to the voice, Working with your Dreams, Sleeping and Waking..


  • LESSON #5 - FINDING YOUR FORM - how does this want to be communicated - Courting the Muse - Beloved.


  • LESSON #6 - OFFERING YOUR PRAYER - Preparing for the stage, coming to completion, the offering in form.



Together we'll explore areas such as:

Cultivating Wholeness - so that you can deliver your deepest gifts

Self healing - empowering you to tend to the places that keep you small and safe.

Tending to the deep dreaming of your soul - listening to your Dreams, your Blood, your Deep Imagination and Deep Feeling so that you birth the wisdom of your Feminine Nature.

Developing a relationship with Muse/Beloved - because this is the real juice of your love making, i mean art making.

Delving into the Shadow - we'll go into the depths as the source of our creative magic

Sacred Wound - how your deep vulnerability informs the deepest expression of you.


What you'll get:

6 live lessons - recorded so that you can listen at any time

6 council share session - so that you can witnessed in your process 

Tools and practices that will facilitate your journey - and resources you can use for a life time

A support community that will be ushering you on from the sidelines, tap into anytime

A piece of feminine-infused, soul shaking, ground breaking art you can share with the world as the deepest expression of you (priceless).


Maybe you've been moved to despair about whats happening in the world. Maybe you have a longing to speak your wildest truth. Maybe you want to unleash the wild untamed force of your creative energy. Whatever your motivation, welcome. 

When bringing our deepest depths to the light of day, they need a loving gaze and a compassionate witness. We need people who have our backs and are cheering us from the side lines with their full body and heart...

We need mirrors. We need affirming and feedback. We need someone who can bring out the magic we can't yet see. 

It's with every inch of my love and being that I provide this container for you.


(Closes 26th May)