The Spring Alchemy Mentorship Program is a call to the wild. 

When we enter into the wild we begin a lover affair with nature herself. By entering into the inner realms we create an intimacy with both the inner and outer wild, allowing us to embrace our innermost Soul life.


In this program we’ll explore the portal of the Wild Feminine as our guide to the depths. By listening to the wisdom of our feeling world and doing the alchemical work that awaits us there, we get to harness the gifts of what it means to live fully alive and embodied. 


By embracing the Wild Feminine, we become more in tune with our deepest expression, our truth, our creativity, our embodied eroticism (which has nothing to do with the distorted forms of eroticism that we see in our culture).


It’s imperative that the feminine reclaims the true source of erotic nature, connected and rooted in the soil of the earth’s dreaming. When we find this place of belonging our relationships and our passions become aligned with the true calling of our Soul. 


The call is wild, the journey is deep and the terrain is alivening.

Together we will tend to:

EMOTIONAL ALCHEMY - learning to listen to the portal of your feeling world so you can harness the wisdom that lies there.


LONGING AND DESIRE - our longing and desire bring us closer to our Soul life. We'll be listing to the depths of your longings and letting the tram of them open you to your wildest dreams.


EROTIC POWER - undoing the lies of the distorted erotic and coming into right relationship with the erotic as wellspring of life force, creativity and love.


COMING HOME TO BODY/EARTH - remembering our innate belonging to our bodies as Earth and establishing the roots required to truly embody our wild feminine nature.

What you'll get:

9 private mentorship calls - 1 hr duration - spread over three months (Jan-March)

Designed to meet you where you're at and what it is your Soul is calling you into - relationship, soul work, your calling, letting go of past etc. 

Email support and ongoing invitations that will weave a deep container for this journey. 

I bring to the table 15 years of study in the area of Soul and Psyche. I've trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Shamanic Practice, as Deep Feminine Facilitator and Nature Based Underworld Soul Guide. I've also walked the path with my two bare feet. Along side the depths of my trainings, I carry the journey deeply in my bones. 

Having a mentor is a valuable resource. Someone who can guide you in the dark, lead you through times of transformation, have your back as you step out in the world as your most authentic Self, is a priceless gift. It's a gift for your Soul. 


"I have had a really life changing 6 weeks since my sessions with you began, so much has come to the surface (and is still doing so), I feel really safe and held by you to explore these lost parts of myself. I am grateful to work with somebody who knows the deep feminine so well, and this really attracted me to your work as I feel it is so important at this point in our evolution to honour the path of the feminine"

"A worthy companion for my soul journey – perception, depth, wisdom and the all important delight and humour of someone who’s loving what they do because they are being who earth created them to be..much gratitude to you."

If you feel called to do the deep alchemical work of Soul this winter then I'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to book your FREE 15 min session to discuss the possibility of working together: