"I came prepared for a powerful, provocative performance. I left struck, stunned by the raw, primitive beauty. It picks you up, transports you to a higher place and leaves you a changed person by the time she departs. All in about an hour.

Silver Moon's voice is a beauty to behold. You could close your eyes and simply listen. That would be enough for an evenings wondrous entertainment. Her poetry recital is full of poise and perfect pauses. They grip you before you even contemplate the depth of the poetic meaning.

13 short, hard hitting, emotionally direct poems are told to you by a hairy arm pitted woman with nothing to hide. The depth, warmth and engrossing sensuality of her lines makes you feel both a sense of worthlessness, that you haven't emotionally lived and also a sense of beauty, you're in awe of the majesty of the language in her poetry and the emotional intensity we can enjoy.

The poetry combines a Lawrentian closeness to the earth and the soul with a look into love and the mystery of relationships. Silver Moon questions why so often that you want to question with her. My first thought as she left the stage was one I imagine all poets want to hear, I want to read those poems again and again and contemplate.

Spellbinding, captivating, provocative theatre. I want more."

Richard Donnelly @ BBC

  "Lithe and supple wordplay dance with fertile imaginings to create poetry with unabashed female energy, at times challenging, etherial and tender but never apologetic.


An urban nymph rejecting bondage who's battled chimera and demons to get to our city, cast poetic spells and float on a frequency all too often crowded out by the patriarchal world.


As much a physical performance as an aural one, her truth demands your attention".

Ross Rossiter - BCFM Radio Presenter

"I decided at the last minute to get a ticket to go and see Silver during the Edinburgh fringe. I really had no idea what to expect, but felt compelled to go, and after dropping my toddler off and running late, I was annoyed at myself to be rushing in, and not having time to get myself into the 'right' frame of mind beforehand.


None of that mattered however, because within a few short words of sitting down in the room, something magical had already happened - I felt as though Silver's words had reached somewhere deep within - some part primal and ancient - often hidden, lost even...


Tears started to fall almost right away (and they start to fall now, as I remember the experience) as I felt something being unlocked, shifting. It felt as though her words were drawing me out into the wild, and calling up the wild within me...


Afterwards I actually felt as though I could have just been for a massage... Softer and stronger. The experience left me nourished, filled up, moved and stirred... I also felt a kind of accountability - that what had just been called up (or remembered) can't be neglected.


Overall a beautiful, earthy, powerful and empowering experience".

Bronwen Rodgers - Mother (the hardest profession)

 "When's the last time you got in touch with your feminine side? If it's been a while, Silver Sisters will try to change that. The pair are made up of Silver Moon and Rah Da Silver. The two women practise different art forms, but are very much both focused on understanding and exploring femininity. (Yes, boys, you are invited - as Joyner points out, everyone has masculine and female elements to them, there's no straightforward gender divide.)


Going first, Joyner delivers a half-hour poetry reading titled Whispers of the Mystical from the Dark Side of the Moon. Although she introduces her set with another's poem, the substance to Whispers of the Mystical is roughly a dozen short poems penned by Joyner herself. These tackle not only emotions, also some of the more physical aspects to the feminine (periods, for those of you who can't read between the lines).


Joyner is very much a spiritual person and even if you aren't, it's very obvious that her writing has great significance for her, and this creates a certain powerful intensity in the room. She has a wonderfully melodious and sensual voice which lends itself well to recitals like these, and keeps us drawn in, even when we don't particularly identify with a piece.


For me, her writing with the most impact came in the form of musings on Disney heroes, and her sentiment that she didn't want to be rescued, but that didn't mean she didn't not want someone to be there with her. It's a very honest and relatable admission - being a feminist doesn't mean hating men, and that's often not well understood. Different verses will resonate, it's a very personal show, but there will be at least something in her collection which you connect with. (If you're male, probably not the menses poem.)"

Views from the Gods Review - Camden Fringe - ★★★

 "Deep and earthy. They resonated with the feminine in me."

Julia Mae Jones - Author of Thrills and Gloom.

"That was really beautiful. I really want my daughters to hear this"

Random Guy (and best Dad by the sounds of it) - Theastre Gate's Sanctum Performance. 

   "Silver Moon's poetry and performance of her inner most wisdom of the soul, with a voice of honey, touched our heart deeply. In that juicy space of silence and wide openness only laughter and bliss remains. Two heart joining into ONE. ONE HEART of ONE JOY and ONE LOVE. Our true home.


Silver Moon is the next Rumi. 21stC Feminine version of Rumi"

Sat-Chit-Ananda - Wise Man and Beautiful Soul - Tiruvannamalai - India

  "I think it is a very courageous act that you choose to Stand up & tell the truth. Giving back to knowlegde that is taken away from our Feminine language & inner wisdom. Thank You ! Also to the Mother that she called you. & other sisters.
I feel a lot of gratefulness & much love after having heard your poems.

I feel like everything makes sense. And that Women should stand together to support each other whenever they get a chance to.

Please keep up your Powerful & Transforming Work. I felt transformed by the way how i look at the body & the power of the blood.

Great great healing work ! You are Heard, Seen & Felt ! Ahey sister _/\_"

Mimi - Berlin show - April 2016