The Creative Unconscious is where magic happens. 

Expressing your wild creativity, is a gift from the divine. It’s the most rewarding thing there is because you create from the depths of you. You tap into your inner genius.


There’s a freedom. It’s spirit liberation. It’s the path of self actualization. It’s a soul manifestation.


So, you have a longing to create but don’t know how? 


I used to project all of my unrealized creative potential onto artists. I used to be like “wow, they are so amazing” and I really wanted to be like them, but I never believed I could. To date I've self-produced two spoken word poetry performances and get to travel the globe offering them to magically beautiful people..

Now I can say, I'm an artist. And it feels great. From here, I can tell you, there is nothing more rewarding than creating. 


After many moons of stumbling in the dark, I discovered some secret ways to tap in to the creative magic. 

The portal to your magic and genius self, is through the creative unconscious. 


In CREATE, I'll teach how to tap into the creative unconscious….

We are all creatives. We all came to this life to birth our gifts. For me one of the ways I get to deliver my gifts is through poetry. For others it might be discovering a new way to fix an engine on a car. Ways of doing things, new ways of doing things, come from the creative unconscious and it’s there that we birth creation. 


I’ve put together CREATE. An online course to unleash your creative magic.

In this course, I'm sharing the secret access to the artistic divine, so that you too can have access to the magic.

Sign up and I’ll send you info when it's open for registration…..