Thanks for taking the time to read this post…..

In the last few months, I've been talking about Blood, a lot! Blood, blood, blood. It’s not a very popular topic. It might make you squirm in your seat. You might be thinking, what's up with this woman?! (I’m asking myself this question, even if you’re not!) I thought I’d take a little time out to explain what the hell all this Blood stuff is about.

My journey with my Blood started when I started bleeding, (obviously), but it didn’t become a conscious journey until my late 20’s.

Through the grace of some powerful teachers, mainly Alexandra Pope and Elizabeth Serra, I came into a full blown relationship with my moon cycle and my Blood. It’s changed the way I move in the world. I paint the real scene in my Spoken Word Performance, and for those who can’t make it, this is for you….

I'm going to be as bold as to say that, over the years of conscious exploration with my Blood, I've been shown the power of the Blood to bring back the Feminine and essentially change the world. I know, I know, you might be thinking, how can menstrual blood change the world?

There are many layers to this and not something I’m going to go into in depths right here, (thats for the book), but I just want to give you a flavor of the journey.....

Just before my vision fast in Utah in 2014, I had a dream. It was one of those life changing, game changer dreams. One of the ones you wake up shaking to. Ever had one? Needless to say, there was Blood.

Although my relationship with my blood began many moons before, since my vision fast, I’ve been stalked. I’ve been called in the lull of the night, to speak, about Blood. She comes in the form of poetry. She comes in visions. She whispers in my ear when I’m sleep walking.

It's no coincidence that our power as women lies in the Blood and yet it's one of the most taboo, no go areas for dinner time conversation.....

Our menstrual cycle is in a deep and powerful relationship with the moon. We become full and we become empty, just like the moon. Our industrial growth culture has forgotten how to honor the natural rhythms of life. It's squashed the feminine ways.

We’ve forgotten that we are a part of nature. We’ve forgotten how to honor what it means to be a human being, in tune with the natural world. We’ve swapped in our innate rhythms, our knowing around what it means to be a woman, to fit a mold that suits the capitalistic gain of a pathologized culture.

Our Blood cycle teaches us how to live and die in each turning of the moon. She teaches us how to stop and let go. There is a sacredness to the Blood time, an altered state of consciousness that allows us to tap into our wisdom and power. This is the feminine way. (Men have there own inner feminine rhythm, it just looks a little different).

If we can come back into relationship with our moon rhythms and honor them, tend to them, lead our lives from them, we can radically shift how our culture operates. We can bring the “being” back into systems that have devalued what it means to be human.

Over the years of consciously exploring my relationship with my Blood, I've had many revelations about the power of the Blood to create revolutionary change (more on that to come: for probably the rest of my life).

Back last year (2015), I was called to produce The Blood Tales.

All of the poems were written from the sacred Blood time. It's a real transmission of the feminine. It's love in action. It's blood wisdom, moon magic, manifest.

Shortly after I’d performed it for the 1st time, there was voice that came from the back end of no where that called me into making this show for the people. It became very clear that I was to offer this show in support of the women in Iraq.

It became clear that I was to offer up the privilege of my feminine awakening to support the women in one of the places (sadly there are still many many places to be touched) where the feminine, is being brutalized and disempowered through war and violence. 

OWFI is an organization that supports women who are fleeing the sex trade of ISIL. They give food, shelter and trauma support and then in turn and time help empower these women to become advocates for change......

Over the last few moons, I’ve been reaching out to amazing artists all over the South West and I feel very blessed to be collaborating with the likes of Michelle Lorte, Pat McCabe, Erica Rhinehart, April Glaser, Laura Anne, Briony Greenhill and The Sea Lions. 

After all these moons of dreaming, it's now happening. I have no idea whats going to happen along the way. I’m throwing myself into the wind and seeing, trusting. I have no idea if its going to work or if people will come to a show about menstrual Blood. But, lets see.....

This show is with the people, for the people. It’s my prayer that the essence of the Blood, the essence of the feminine, the essence of love, will be a catalyst for change. That it will reach my sisters in Iraq who are in deep need of our support. My prayer is that we can come into conscious relationship with the power and the wisdom latent in the Blood and change the current world order. Its a big prayer, but I believe it can happen.  So may it be......

I hope to see you in the audience and beyond, (side note, this is just the fruitful beginning).

In deep red love…..