I'm very excited to share that The Blood Tales - Summer Tour 2016 is coming into light. I've got shows lined up in AZ, NM, CO and CA (details to be announced soon).

This show had been created via a deep listening of the DreamTime. I was called, so I answered. I got still, I listened to the Blood. I wrote love in the form of poetry, from the magic of our sacred moon. When the show was ready, I asked how can I serve. I was shown to make this a show for the people.

All the profits from the show are going to OWFI (Orgainsation of Women's Freedom in Iraq). This is a charity that supports Iraqi women fleeing the sex trade of ISIL with food, shelter and trauma support. These women, if it weren't for the safe house being created, would be left for dead with no place to go, unable to return to their homes.

The abuse of the feminine is rampant all over our world today, its undeniable, its everywhere, its heartbreaking. To me, the situation of the Iraqi women, a situation created by western capitalist greed, a product of war, feels one of the most extremes, and for this reason, I want to offer the show in support of these women.

Ever since I was a little girl my blood has boiled at the injustice of women. As my journey has unraveled, I have come to see that the threads and veins go very deep and are very tangled. It's not about men versus women, its more complex and intricate and something that affects the whole of our human race.

I've always known in my bones that there was more to life than the hatred, killing and abuse of people. I never could quite believe that our reality, was in fact a reality, it always seemed like a nightmare to me.

It's taken me many years to come into my own empowerment. A journey that continues to unravel and a journey that may take life time to complete. The voice in me that has always wanted to speak out against injustice has found her way. Through my poetry, I speak the unspoken voices of the feminine.

Its my prayer that with this offering, the essence of the feminine, which is to say, love, will ripple out to my sisters across the world and create a wave in the energetics of the world order. That through this small and humble offering, I can make a difference to the injustice that is shattering all of our souls. It's through my own journey of reclaiming the feminine that I offer myself in service. I believe that this is how the feminine is rising, from the inside, sometimes invisible, always felt. Maybe you can feel her?

If you feel moved, I would love to see you at one of the shows. Come and receive the feminine transmission of love for your self, for your grandmother, your mother, your daughter and your granddaughter and for all the men in your life too. Just by showing up, you will be making a difference. Your presence counts.

The show by its nature tends to attract more women then men, but the show is inclusive of all genders and orientations. This goes out to the men too, please come, receive, the feminine is also inside of you. Many of the men who have been to the show have been deeply moved. Your presence is important. It heals.

This is some of what people who have been to the show have said about it:
"I think it is a very courageous act that you choose to Stand up & tell the truth. Giving back to knowlegde that is taken away from our Feminine language & inner wisdom. Thank You ! Also to the Mother that she called you. & other sisters. I feel a lot of gratefulness & much love after having heard your poems. I feel like everything makes sense. And that Women should stand together to support each other whenever they get a chance to.
Please keep up your Powerful & Transforming Work.
I felt transformed by the way how i look at the body & the power of the blood.
Great great healing work !
You are Heard, Seen & Felt !
Ahey sister _/\_"

"An urban nymph rejecting bondage who's battled chimera and demons to get to our city, cast poetic spells and float on a frequency all too often crowded out by the patriarchal world."

So, people, I need you support in making the summer the most fruitful it can be. If you feel moved by the vision then this is how you can help:

* I'm looking for hosts in San Francisco (and surrounding areas), Nevada and Utah - if you're from there and would like to put on a show then please get in touch. If you would like to collaborate, I would love love love that too. I have some space in September for some shows in these areas.

*WHEELS - I need some wheels to get me around. If there is anyone willing to lend me a reliable form of transportation for the duration of the tour, please get in touch. (This is a big ask, I know, but I know know that there are some amazingly resourced people out there who are willing to offer support in service of the awakening feminine).

* Spread the word, amongst family and friends, on FB. If you know of anyone in the media who would like to cover something around this to support raising awareness that this is happening, please get in touch. The more people that know, the more funds we can raise, the more energy we create.

*If you're not in the SW but would like to host a show, please be in touch for 2017.

* If you would like to contribute but are not able to get to the show, the please donate directly to You can make a contribution to them at any time.

Added bonus:
* A Musician - hang, harp or guitar players out there, or any other musical style. Would you like to accompany me on the tour? Would you like to offer you melodic magic to the magic and create a soulful evening for people to slip into the zone of love? If you feel moved and would like to come along, please get in touch.


In love and service

Silver Moon