This is a call out to all of the women of the world and for the men who honor and respect the Feminine. There are sisters on this planet who need us. Sisters who are not safe in their own bodies, sisters who are suffering the brutal attacks of a male dominated mentality under the name of war. If there is one thing that makes my blood boil, its this, the violence and rape of a woman’s body is one of the biggest social injustices of our time and we need to take a stand. 

The war on the sexes is at the root of the destruction of our planet and her resources. When we can come back into right relationship and honor the feminine, (which is in both man and woman), the soul of our humanity and our beloved earth we can restore the beauty that is our birth right and end the brutality that’s destroying our planet. 

Over the past 4 years I have been on a deep transformational journey, a journey that has lead me to uncover some uncomfortable truths, heal the wounds of the past and unearth life times of conditioning. This journey has allowed me to awaken to the disillusionment of our soul destroying current world paradigm and remember another dream. Its been a journey of dismemberment, so that I could remember something much greater within my own soul. 

In my own darkness I have made prayers that have been greater than me. I asked how I could make a difference to the nightmare of a reality created by the western world. I prayed to be of service. I sat in the silence of the unknown and waited. I waited to be told by something beyond the contracts of my ego mind. From the silence I was gifted with the grace of transcribing the voice of the feminine, the voice of the Earth, through poetry. 

In the last 2 years I have been following a thread which has lead to the production of a Spoken Word Poetry Performance, “The Blood Tales”. It’s an attempt to ‘re-mystify the most mis-understood phenomena of a woman’s body by telling the true tales about our Blood”. I have come to know the feminine essence is held within our blood and within this essence is the medicine we so deeply need on our planet at this time. The essence of the feminine, which is to say, the essence of love, has been driven underground through patriarchal domination and control.  

2016, is going to be my give-a-way year. It’s going to be the year that I offer this show “The Blood Tales” as food for my people. The dream is that I will take this show on the road, offering it to any place that is willing to show up and receive. All profits from the show will go to OWFI (Orgainsation of Women’s Liberation in Iraq), that support Iraqui girls who have fled the sex trade of ISIL. This organization offers food, shelter and trauma support for these young girls who have suffered enslavement as sex objects under this brutal regime.

Why might I do this, you might ask? I am doing because at my core, this is what matters to me. I am doing this because I have remembered that we are all a part of the ancient sisterhood. I do this because what happens to my sister in any land, happens to me, and you (be you man or woman). I do this because I know there is another way, a way filled with love and promise, respect and honor. I do this because enough is enough. 

If you can resonate with anything in this letter, if you feel a call to serve in anyway this vision, then I would love to hear from you. I am calling out to women, men, communities across the globe that would be willing to host a show. 

A host would:

organize a venue for a show to take place (could be a theatre, a studio, a yurt, a tipi, a fire, a festival, or any other wild and creative place). 
help spread the word, invite your loved ones, put up flyers etc…

I too will be doing the ground work of setting up shows where I can and with the help of the village I can reach more people and places and raise more funds than I ever would be able to alone.

If you too would like to collaborate and present your own work alongside, then I am really really happy for this to happen….

Please spread the word widely, if you know someone somewhere who you feel would like to support then send them a message. I feel an enormous force behind this show and what we can create in a feminine, relational way. When we join as sisters and brothers we can shape a new future.  


You can check out the link the charity here…

You can check out the clip for the show here….

I hope to hear from you because it really does take a tribe….

In love and service

Silver Moon