Last night, under the darkness of the New Moon, I performed The Blood Tales in Bristol, UK to a beautiful bunch of radiating souls. 

The show was the 1st in a series of more to come, whereby all proceeds are going to a charity supporting Iraqi women fleeing the sex trade of ISIL. A charity that offers refuge to women who under this brutal regime are otherwise left destitute. We raised £140.27. 

Milly Watson Brown donated all of her profits from her delicious moon time chocolates to the cause and we are graced with the blessing of sweet melody from the beautiful Chloe Rose Laing. 

I learnt about an organization called OWFI (Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq), form a woman in the audience who has been connected to the movement for some time. This is the organization that is on the ground in Iraq, the organization where Haven and Hope send all of their funding to. After learning this it makes more sense to me to raise funds for this organization directly. 

I will be posting updates as I go, about the tour, the money raised. From last night I can tell you, it was not most smoothly flowing show I have done, I messed up a few poems but still, it was and still does feel absolutely amazing to be dedicating The Blood Tales to this cause. 

It's my prayer that the energy raised, through the show, through the money we raise, is going to make an impact to the world we live in, not matter how small. It's my prayer that the feminine essence that is held in the Blood, can be liberate so she can return once again to this earth and to her people, so that we can remember what it means to live in deep reciprocity to love, life and each other. 

A big massive THANK YOU to Alix Thrope for making it happen...

Will keep you posted...