Are you curious about your dreams? Do you have an active dream life? Would you like to explore the terrain of your dream world with depth?

Our dreams are portals into the Mystery. Deep in the stillness of the night, whilst you waking mind sleeps, the depths of your personal mythos is available to your sleeping eye. If we’re lucky, we get to capture the images that have been gifted to us from Dream Maker and bring them into our waking consciousness. In doing so, there is an opening for us to listen to the deeper current of our lives.

More than just random images, the dream world has the potential to reveal to you something of the deeper conversation of your life. From the soul-centric perspective the dream time is a sacred initiation into the essence of your own soul. 

Maybe you ask yourself questions like:

What’s my purpose? 

What have I come here to do? 

How can I make a difference to the evolution our times?

Maybe you’ve had a reoccurring dream, or pattern within dreams. Perhaps you remember a dream that feels really significant for you or you have a deep curiosity about the dream world and would like to explore further. 

Whatever your relationship to the dream world, you’re invited to come explore this terrain for yourself. It’s really by experience that you get to feel and know for yourself the potency of the dream world. There is no copy or text that can inform you of the depth of you own being, only you can discover that for yourself.