We're coming into a realignment between the masculine and the feminine. The feminine is finding her voice, returing to her natural essence and slowly beginning to shape our world in a different way.

Its been happening for a while, although we still have a loooooooooooong way to go to address the patriarchal dominated culture that is still running rampant on our Beloved Earth.

Sometimes waking up to the destructive and distorted ways of our patriarchal dominated culture can be overwhelming. But waking up is part of the re-alignment, we need this before we can make the change. And the change is happening. We might not see its full fruition in this life time, but what we chose to do, how we chose to live our lives, we leave as gifts for the children and we heal for the ancestors past.

What I have seen is that this realignment needs to happen within each of us. The alignment between the masculine and the feminine needs to happen within us all.

We've come from a history of matriarchy to patriarchy and now, The Great Turning of our age is about the Sacred Union within each of us.

The masculine part of us, whether we identify as male as female, has the sacred task of delivering what our inner feminine is calling of us. Our inner feminine, knows deeply the inter connectiveness of life, she knows her relationship to the sacred and that in order to live a deep and fulfilling life we need to honor our capacity for feeling and imagination, to know ourselves as part of the Earth.

For so long we have been cut off from the voice of the feminine within, mainly because she can't be measured, or quantified or even seen. Subjectivity is seen as a danger to the minds that need to create order and conformity. But there is a rumbling, a stirring on the Earth right now, some are now finding their way home.

Its then up to us to peel back the layers of the distorted masculine, imposed on us by patriarchal conditioning, the one who wants to dominate and control nature and the inner feminine.

Once we cultivate a sacred masculine within, the warrior who knows how to serve life, not kill it, and once we have healed the wounds of our inner feminine, the wound of love, then we come into alignment within ourselves.

This is the work that we so need to address whats happening in the world. What's happening on the outside is happening on the inside. When we address the inside we make change on the outside. There is no separation.

Its not up to the men to save the women. Its up to the men to come into relationship with their own inner feminine and find a masculinity thats honoring and connected to life.

Its not up to the women to carry a man's unfelt feeling. Its up to the women to feel their own feelings and be true to them. To not betray their own inner feminine and to cultivate an inner masculine that serves her.

The work is on the inside and then we have the capacity to make the changes we so long for on the outside. It seems the shift of our times, is learning how to dance, the inner and the outer, the masculine and the feminine, the doing and the being. Once we do, then surely we can create a world where the heart and the mind are once again in love, in sacred union. Dancing once again in our divine nature as humans.