She’s been in the underground, buried under piles of dirt. Now she is rising wild. Wild in the way that she lives her truth out into the world. She doesn’t depend on the approval of western culture. She has remembered something much deeper than that. She has remembered the truth of her own existence.

She has gone to all of the dark and shadowy places she was taught to suppress. She found that in the deep dark well, underneath the beautifully composed surface, was her power. She was taught to fear it but she went through her fear and met the big bad wolf.
She has remembered her own connection to the Earth. She reclaimed her own authority. She stepped outside of the box she was gifted at birth, by generations of lion tamers. She cut her own chains.

She’s no longer dependent on outer approval. She dances with Mystery into the magnificence of her own existence. Through her moon cycle and the way she gives her blood back to the Earth, she has remembered. She remembered through the moon light shining through her window.

She has reconnected to the Mystery of her own body. She knows there is no separation between her Body and the Earth. She is the Mystery.

She knows that beauty isn’t an external display but an inner feeling. Real beauty stems from an inner knowing that who she really is on the inside, her soul, is worthy of all of the love that was taken from her when she didn’t behave as she was supposed to. She is Love.
She has remembered what it means to be a woman. She has reclaimed her feminine nature. Her deepest knowing is in her feeling authority. The vulnerable, fierce, open, protector of her own divine essence. She will not compromise her own truth anymore. She knows her own divine nature. As she walks into the wild night this is reflected back to her, in Venus rivers.

She knows what it is to die. She has died many times. The truth of her soul has ripped through the illusions of her ego self. Over time she learnt to surrender. She learnt to let go. The things she was holding onto, weren’t serving her anyway.

Mystery has been tapping at her door and when she finally opened herself to the divine it came pouring in like a thunderbolt. At first it destroyed everything she knew. There was nothing she could do but let it happen.

She wasn’t afraid anymore because she woke up to the fact that her life was a living hell. When she woke up to the nightmare she realized she was to become the nightmare. That her power was feared, that’s why. She stepped into reclaiming more of her soul by feeding the earth, by meeting her shadow, by dancing under the moon.

She grieves the pain of the sacred loss. What happened? What happened? She cries. How did we get to this? HOW? She knows that no words, or historical definitions can explain this pain away. She knows the way through is to feel. Really feel. To be ripped open to these feelings is to be gifted the promise of Mystery, who has been waiting for her to open and receive. Before she could step into the larger story of her existence, she first had to grieve all the ways she was kept small and all the ways that she kept herself small.

She carves long forgotten pathways to new re-membering and she invites you to join her. She points her crooked, bent out finger, with her untamed nails, right at your heart and invites you. She invites you into the dark forest, with her one eye open and the other closed, breathing clouds of fog from her lips, she invites you. She invites you to step into the Mystery of the dark unknown, to leave the comfort of everything known and meet all of the unturned stones of your existence. Will you RSVP? Will you let her guide you? Will you dare to wake up to the forgotten parts of your existence? Will you? She’s inside of you….