In a world that only values the outward reach, what can be seen, how things look, the inward focused can be somewhat hard to access.
We have been taught to be product driven, focused on our outward goals, attain more, so that we can have more. No one has taught us the richness of swimming in our inner world, that really this is the root of a successful, content and happy life, albeit, not always that easy to face the truths that await there. I see the outward focus as a clever ploy to keep us away from our true power, our own inner nature.

The inner relates to feeling, the feminine, soul, our bodies. The world in which we live focuses on thinking, the masculine, transcending spiritual practice and the mind. Of course there is nothing wrong with these aspects, its just when they are not in reciprocal flow with the inner then we have an imbalance. And this is what we are seeing all over the world. Our system of politics which is masculine driven, is cut off from the realm of feeling, from the heart and is running a mock and causing a whole load of destruction and suffering. What is happening on a macro global level, is a mirror for the micro. There may come a point in a person’s journey when they realize that the outward expressions they have spent their whole lives striving for, creating, attaining, is just not fulfilling anymore. There maybe a sense of emptiness, loneliness, a suffering that just will not disappear. This can be the beginning of what I see as a “calling”. A calling to go and have a really good dig around. Get out the shovel, the weed pick and lets dig. Be prepared to get mud under the finger nails.

We are in a way forced to turn to our inner world because there is nowhere else to turn. We are forced to listen to that voice that has been trying to get us to listen all along. At first that can be scariest thing in the world. There is obviously a reason why we have ben ignoring it. Maybe its telling us all sorts of truths that we really don’t want to admit to ourselves. Maybe it will mean stepping out of the comfort zone we have been so busy keeping together all of this time. Its not an easy choice. But if we do choose, we start to tend the beginning of a beautiful and rich journey. And it is just that, a journey. It does not even happen at the rat race pace we are used to, it happens at Nature’s pace. Like the changing face of the moon, that takes a full 28 days to go through one cycle. It happens at geological pace. Because what we are really tuning into is nature, our own inner nature. We start to turn the bed of our own existence so that we can be composted for seeds to come.

The beginning can be hard work, those who have been tending for a while know the labor of their fruits. They know the turnings of the seasons within themselves and they adjust their lives accordingly. And most of all they know there are fruits. That the inner cultivating produces some damn fine juicy ripe produce, not just for ourselves but for nature herself. For when we tend to our inner nature we are also tending to outer nature. There is no separation, we only believe there is because we have been cut off from our inner feeling, inner imaginational realms, but when we start to rewaken these by turning in we become more awake to life, more wake to our bodies, more wake to the body of the earth. And its from there that we can start to sow seeds that are life affirming, not just surviving or attaining. We start to see the richness in the simplest of happenings because we are rich inside. Creativity flows, love prevails. We are not fed by outer rewards because we are being fed by the ache of our own longing, the knowing of self awareness and the touch of divine nature. So don’t be afraid to go in, because you see in the going in, its then and only then we can really come out