The Oppressors of Life at Standing Rock

As the news of Standing Rock comes in, something stirs deep within me. All I know to do is dance. In the movement of my body across the wooden floor boards, I am broken open with a grief so deep.…

Over the last few years, I have cried out time and time again.... ‘How did we get to this?’. How did we get to this place of absolute destruction and disregard for Life? How did the human soul become so lost?”

As I dance, I imagine what it must be like to be one of those military police on the ground at Standing Rock. I imagine being one of those men or women inflicting their domination and control to the human souls who are standing for the protection of the lands.

I can see that from their mentality, the protectors are doing something "wrong". They are stopping the construction of something that is deemed so important. Not just by the police, but by all the people behind the pipe line. I see how their attitudes and beliefs maintain their justification and how their own cut off-ness from their soul and bodies, enables them to inflict such injustice. They are unable to see what they are doing. They are blinded by an illusion. The illusion of the capitalist system. They are stuck in an ego identified mentality.

In their world, in their paradigm, the importance of capital gain and maintaining the current system at any cost, is more important than Life itself. As I stand in their shoes, I see that they are trapped in so much fear. Fear of not having enough. Fear that if the current way in which we function were to collapse then....what? What would we do?

In order to maintain the life that has been created they must control and dominate Life. They must be the OPPRESSORS.

I see how their fear of Life (which is the unknown, the mystery of all things) is what keeps them in the role of oppressor and that this goes way way back.

Over last years we have seen the awakening of a different form of consciousness. Now, at Standing Rock, we see the force of the new/ancient consciousness rising in the face of the fear driven oppressing consciousness.

I see how strong the oppressor is. How much the oppressor does not want to let Life in and how much the oppressor will do anything, harm, kill, belittle, judge, ridicule Life in order to keep itself safe and protected from that which it does not know. How over time, the oppressor has oppressed the Feminine, the Earth, Soul, in an attempt to control the unknowable. 

I see how much fear the oppressor is in. How deep the wound of the oppressor goes.

I have seen the oppressor in me.

It seems to me that, whilst the manifestation of oppressor versus life is happening for all the world to see at Standing Rock, its been happening for a long time all over the world. It seems to me the most radical form of activism we can enact is to meet the oppressor within ourselves. That what is being called for, beyond the immediate protection of our lands all over the world, is that on a deeper level we address the oppressing forces with each and every one of us.

It seems to me that what is required in order to change our current world order, is a shift in consciousness. A shift from the power hungry, control and domination paradigm..


Honoring the sacredness of the mystery of life.

How does the natural expression of life want to pour through me? In what ways I am oppressing myself and others around me from expressing their true beauty, out of my own fear?

In the light of Standing Rock, we can see that the force of those gathering against oppression is strong and rising and that there will be a breaking point.

As we all stand on the side lines from different parts of the globe, I know I am asking the question, who is going to win? Will the oppressors continue to control and dominate Life? Will they succeed in perpetuating the wound of separation?

From where I’m standing and within every cell of my being, I know that they won’t and yet as the situation heightens, I’m not sure what its gong to take to shift the consciousness and paradigm of the oppressors. Maybe this crisis escalation is the point in which it will turn.

I stand with standing rock, even though I am the other side of the Atlantic ocean, I feel the movement happening. It’s happening within each and every one of us. We are freeing ourselves fro the paradigm of oppression and standing for Life. Our own lives, those of our ancestors and those of the our children.

I pray with every cell of my being because this is really where the revolution is. The earth is our body and we when let every cell of our being be moved by whats happening, it sends ripples out to the Earth. Our bodies are the earth. So I call out and ask that you join me in your own way, wherever you are to pray with the Life that you are, for the Life that is.

There is no separation between what is happening to Standing Rock and what has happened deep inside all of us.